O'Driscoll Profiles

However difficult the path has been over the centuries to survive and thrive through generations of conflict, conquest, persecution and starvation, the O’Driscolls have managed to hold on to their heritage and to spread their name around the globe. Indeed, the name O’Driscoll is likely to be found in every occupation in every country around the world.

In an attempt to capture a sense of the width and breadth of the Clan O'Driscoll we started a new feature in November of 2008. Every two months we will be profiling O'Driscolls/Driscolls from around the world who have left their mark for various reasons.

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Martin Driscoll (Texas) & Keith Driscoll (New York) - artists


Ciaran Ó Driscoll (Limerick, Ireland) - Poet, author, educator

Music & Dance

Con "Fada" Ó Drisceoil (Cork, Ireland) - accordion player, singer, songwriter


Television & Movies