Martin and Keith Driscoll

November/December 2008 - we are pleased to highlight two very talented artists: Martin Driscoll of Texas and his son, Keith Driscoll of New York.

Martin, remembering fondly the tales of Ireland from his relatives, especially his mother, developed a love of Irish music and dancing and most especially the Irish people. Wanting to hold on to these memories, he devotes himself to painting wonderfully realistic pastoral scenes of rural Irish life. Martin's great-grandfather, Thomas Driscoll, came to the USA sometime around the civil war period. He built a hotel on White lake in Sullivan County, New York, and owned a lot of land in the county. He had 5 sons, one of whom, named Charles, married Catherine Corcoran from county Kerry Ireland. Martin's father's name also was Charles.

Keith's work is focused primarily on portraits, figures, and still lifes. He strives to apply classical painting ideas and techniques to current day imagery to create pieces that are classic but also modern, dynamic, and fresh.

The artistic abilities of this father and son duo are incredible! Please take a moment to visit their sites at:

Martin Driscoll:

Keith Driscoll:

Who knows -- maybe some day we'll get a chance to meet these two talented gentlemen in Baltimore, Ireland at one of our upcoming Clan Gatherings! For those of you who live close enough to their galleries, be sure to pay a visit. It's always a treat to meet new members of our rapidly growing extended "family".

Enjoy your visit to their sites.