O'Driscoll Clan Gathering 2013 - June 27th - 30th, 2013

Check the Baltimore, Ireland website regularly under "Festivals" here for information as it becomes available.

Ireland is celebrating "The Gathering" all year long and is calling for all descendents and Irish expatriates to return home at some point during the year. Be part of it! Make 2013 the year you attend the annual Gathering - You'll never regret it!!!

We're looking forward to seeing all the old faces from all over the world and welcoming many new ones again this year. Put your plans should in place now to find your way over to Baltimore, County Cork for this event, the one we all look forward to each year. We'll be waiting for you!

*** Support West Cork Film Making!! -

From Dollena Campbell - Outreach Producer - "THE PIER"

The Irish Times calls our film a "little gem". Also here's a quick word from our director that will help you to understand why we feel it's important to spread the word and other organizations are uniting to make it happen (and we hope that your clan will join) : In The Pier, it was important to me to stay honest and show humble people bravely facing their lives. I wanted to honour the part of the world I come from - a place which is generally glossed over by a cloud of vapid clichés in Hollywood movies." --Gerard Hurley, THE PIER Director/Writer/Actor

Irish filmmakers are far and few between in this industry and Gerard (director/producer/actor in THE PIER) is one of the best (being accepted into over 30 film festivals with award wins) but still it needs to be seen on the screen. Please help us to make that happen & support Irish culture! I hope to hear from you and we can add you to our list of Supporters/Partners on our website and campaign (if you'd like). Check it out here:
Even something as simple as writing "We support The Pier" is enough and will allow your members to decide in which way to support. We really need the help of the community to spread the word as kickstarter is all or nothing and we have 13 days to make or exceed our goal. Please consider supporting by spreading the word. Thanks for your consideration,

We volunteers will try to keep things as up-to-date as possible by adding more links, pictures, profiles and O'Driscoll genealogy information so please check back often!

Welcome one and all!

If, in your recent or distant past you have a blood or marriage connection to a Driscoll, O'Drisceoil, O'Driscoll or Driskell, then you are one of us - family! This is probably one of the most comforting words in the English language. For most of us it elicits a multitude of powerful emotions - a sense of belonging, home, love, and comfort.

It was in this spirit that an idea was born for this website. The hope is to create a network of the O'Driscoll Clan in North America. This includes not only everyone who can trace their family to someone with the Clan name, but those who have married into it as well. Welcome one and all.

Being among the fortunate who attend the annual O'Driscoll Clan Gathering we can honestly say the hospitality offered by our local "relations" in the small hamlet of Baltimore, County Cork leaves us with many warm memories to sustain us through the long months until we can return. We hope every Clan member from all over the world is able, at some point in their life, to participate in the annual event held the last weekend in June. It is well worth the trip.

In the meantime, we'll do our best to use this site as a starting point for putting together the links between the Driscolls across North America and thereby strengthen our family ties.

Start your journey with us by getting familiar with our current Clan Chieftain and checking out the O'Driscoll profile section.

Officially registered as a Clan: The O'Driscoll Clan is now officially registered with the Clans Of Ireland. Check out their site here to learn more about the organization and find our Clan in their registry.

Driscoll DNA Project: There is an active Driscoll DNA project going on so, for those who have arrived at a dead end in their Driscoll genealogical searches, you might want to participate and connect with others who are genetically from the same line as you. For more details about this worthwhile project please check here.