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Michael Green's Irish Newsletter

Every month Ireland-information, courtesy of Michael Green, brings us a newsletter filled with interesting news items, contests, reader submissions, etc. We will keep two months' newsletters at this site however, back issues can be accessed from Michael Green's site.

Michael Green's Irish Newsletter - September/09
Michael Green's Irish Newsletter - August/09

Getting Away With Murder in 1868

Scratch the surface of any family tree and you're bound to find interesting stories, characters and traditions. Some are uplifting, others disappointing and then there are those that border on distressing. However, the tapestry would not be complete if we censored out all but those ancestors and stories we were the most proud of. In that vein, the following article first appeared in Fredericton's Daily Gleaner on October 13, 2001. With the author's permission, we reproduce it for you here.

This site was created by CFOT( Comharchumann FAS na Oileain Teo), a group based in the islands of West Cork, Ireland, whose purpose is to promote employment and sustainability in the coastal zone communities.

Its purpose is to provide news and information for those with an interest in Ireland and, more particularly, the islands of West Cork.

In addition to running up-to-date news, sports and weather, it has links to many other sites of interest.

Canada's National Sport helps in Irish Unity

This is an article from the Readers' Digest magazine in 2002 about the growing popularity of ice hockey in Ireland. Most of the league's players are Canadians. One of the noteworthy comments speaks to the difference between the hockey fans' behaviour and the historical behaviour of soccer fans in the country.