Driscoll Surname Results
New Brunswick Newspaper Entries

The index below provides links to the records held by the Provincial Archives of New Brunswick (PANB), in the Daniel Johnson Collection - New Brunswick Newspaper Vital Statistics database. This incredible body of work represents several decades of hard work and dedication by the late Daniel Johnson. Following his death in 2005, his family donated the entire body of work to the Provinical Archives for public consumption. You can read more about Daniel's life works and the scope of material covered on the site of the Provincial Archives of New brunswick.

With the Driscoll name being mentioned over 400 times, these articles provide an intimate snapshot into society at the time as they capture not only information on births, marriages and deaths, but also human interest pieces of trips taken, socialites visiting, judicial proceedings, religious events, etc.

I hope the information in this collection enables you to fill in some blanks in your research or confirm information gathered from other sources. At the very least, it should provide an entertaining stroll down the streets of our family's history. Enjoy!

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Driscoll, A. to Jeremiah Driscoll, Jerry to Wm. L.