New Brunswick Register of Letters Patent
1885 - 1976

The information contained in government records held at the Provincial Archives of New Brunswick (PANB), indicate only 3 records of letters Patent containing the Driscoll name.

Registers of Letters Patent and Supplementary Letters Patent were used by the Government of New Brunswick's Corporate Affairs Branch to provide a synopsis of information concerning companies registered. Information recorded in the registers might inlcude the Name of Company being issued the letters patent, Head Office, Capital Stock, Date of Issue, Original Incorporators, etc., and information about supplementary letters patent, where applicable. Registrations are also annotated to show cancellation, forfeiture, surrender, change of name, continued out, amalgamation, bankruptcy, or winding up, and date of such activity.

The registers are available only on microfilm. The microfilm number is included in the index, along with the reference codes. The films can be viewed at the Provincial Archives in Fredericton, or at a library participating in the inter-library or inter-archives microfilm loan program.

The Letters Patent themselves are not available on microfilm. They may be viewed at the Provincial Archives at 23 Dineen Drive on the campus of the University of New Brunswick in Fredericton.

Details Book Page Sequence Name Registered Amendment Date Film
+Details D 42 1 J.M. Driscoll Limited 1931 Change of Name 1969-01-20 1969-01-20
-- D 270 -- Driscolls Limited 1934 -- -- --
+Details N 497 2 J.M. Driscoll (1966) Limited 0 -- -- --