New Brunswick Land Petitions

The information contained herein was culled from government records held at the Provincial Archives of New Brunswick (PANB).

For details about the Index to Land Petitions please read PANB's on-line introduction located at the following address: .

Clicking on the "Details" option below will bring you to the transcribed page on the PANB site which includes additional information such as any other names included on the land petition, the person who actually filed the land petition, and how to order a copy of the original document.

Details Name Year County Microfilm
+ Details Catherine Driskel 1845 Kings F4230
+ Details Catherine Driscol 1853 Albert F4247
+ Details Cornelius Driscol 1824 Westmorland F4197
+ Details Daniel Driskel 1845 Northumberland F4230
+ Details Dennis Dristell 1864 York F9028
+ Details James Driskell 1786 Charlotte F1030
+ Details James Driscol 1841 York F4255
+ Details James Driscol 1856 Saint John F5933
+ Details James Driscol 1862 York F9026
+ Details Jeremiah Driscoll 1860 Queens F9022
+ Details Jeremiah Driscoll 1864 York F9028
+ Details John Driscoll 1841 York F4255
+ Details John Driscoll 1858 Gloucester F9018
+ Details John Driscoll 1860 Westmorland F9022
+ Details John Drisdel 1873 Kent F9030
+ Details John Driscoll 1878 York F9031
+ Details John Driscoll 1880 York F9031
+ Details Lewis Driscoll 1870 York F9030
+ Details Michael Driskell 1845 Kings F4230
+ Details Michael Driscol 1853 Albert F4246
+ Details Michael Driscol 1853 Albert F4247
+ Details Patrick Driscoll 1860 Albert F9022
+ Details Timothy Driscol 1823 Kings F4194
+ Details Timothy Driskill 1843 Northumberland F4226
+ Details Timothy Driscoll 1850 York F4239
+ Details Timothy Driscol 1860 Queens F9022
+ Details William Drisdell 1786 Northumberland F1032
+ Details William Driscol 1848 Kent F4236