New Brunswick Land Grants

The information contained herein was culled from government records held at the Provincial Archives of New Brunswick (PANB).

This index is sorted by date, with the earliest Land Grants listed first.

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Because of the number of variations in the way the Driscoll name was written over the years, this index has also includes the name "Drisdel" and its variants. Although frequently this spelling indicates a family of French origin with no known connection to the O'Driscoll Clan, occasionally a record-keeper would spell the Driscoll name as Drisdel. Genealogists and historians using this information are encouraged to perform additional research to ascertain if a specific "Drisdel" variation recorded here is actually of Irish origin or French.

Details Name Place County Date
+ Details Cornelius Driscal Botsford Westmorland 14/10/1828
+ Details Daniel Driscol Blackville Northumberland 12/03/1836
+ Details John Driscoll Kingsclear York 23/12/1845
+ Details James Driscoll Kingsclear York 15/10/1851
+ Details William Driscoll Bathurst Gloucester 22/10/1856
+ Details John Driscole Bathurst Gloucester 30/07/1872
+ Details Patrick Driscoll Elgin Albert 05/11/1874
+ Details John Drisdell Saint Mary Kent 14/08/1877
+ Details Daniel Driscol Bathurst Gloucester 25/05/1878
+ Details John Driscoll Manners Sutton York 26/02/1879
+ Details David Driscoll Manners Sutton York 06/01/1883
+ Details Jeremiah Driscoll Kent Carleton 17/03/1885
+ Details Michael Driscoll -- Northumberland 30/12/1904
+ Details James Drisdelle -- Northumberland 14/09/1942
+ Details Abraham Driscoll -- Restigouche 30/10/1946
+ Details Harry Driscoll -- Gloucester 06/03/1952