New Brunswick Appointments
Justice of the Peace
1863 - 1963

The information contained in government records held at the Provincial Archives of New Brunswick (PANB), indicate only 4 Driscoll names as having been appointed as Justices of the Peace..

The entire register is found on microfilm F8504 in the PANB records. Other appointment records may be found at the Provincial Archives in RS538 (Records of Warrants, Appointments, and Commissions), as well as in RS6 (Orders-in-Council). Any Driscoll names which may appear in these additional appointment records will be added at a later date. For general details about these appointments please read PANB's on-line introduction located at the following address: .

Name Year Month Day County Microfilm Page
Bernard Driscoll 1902 April 03 Gloucester F8504 99
Charles E. Driscoll 1941 July 10 Saint John F8504 113
Daniel J. Driscoll 1888 May 25 Saint John F8504 112
John M. Driscoll 1908 March 12 Saint John F8504 112