Genealogy Sources and Information

With the growth of the home computer industry and the development of reliable internet technology, those of us interested in genealogical research have had a whole new world opened to us.

While some Canadian provinces are more advanced than others in making genealogy research tools available on-line, researching family histories in Canada has generally become easier every year.

In this section I have attempted to bring together possible research sources from all across Canada. Some are searchable on-line, others require direct contact with the agency. I was unable to locate the source for vital statistic or genealogy information in Quebec, Yukon Territory, Northwest Territories, or Nunuvit. If anyone has URL’s for these areas, please share them with us.

We also provide other useful genealogy research links from around the world.

Some Favourite Genealogy Research Sites:

These are listed in alphabetical order with no intent to indicate a preference. If anyone would like to submit comments about any of these sites, please contact us.

Ancestry .com

Canadian Genealogy & History Links




Family (Church of Latter Day Saints site)

Family Tree Maker site

The Genealogy Home Page




National Archives of Canada - Genealogy Research

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Provincial Genealogy Resources:

Here are some direct links to the provincial vital statistic or Provincial Archive pages:

British Columbia

Vital Statistics - Information and searchable indexes for B.C. records


Vital Statistics - Listing of information available. No on-line search


Provincial Archives - Allows some on-line searching.

Ordering certificates - Listing of information available and instructions for ordering birth, marriage & death certificates. No on-line search


Provincial Archives- Listing of information available.


Ontario Genealogical Society - Lots of helpful advice on searching records in Ontario

Ontario's Family Tree - No on-line search. Basically just gives contact information for Ontario's Office of the Registrar General and links through to the Ontario Genealogical Society.


New Brunswick

Provincial Archives - Contains many different indexes that can be searched on-line

New Brunswick Genealogical Society - Lots of interesting information here. Also various searchable lists including one to find others researching the same family name.

Nova Scotia

Provinvial Archives - Listing of information and links available. Some on-line searching available.

Prince Edward Island

Info PEI - This link brings you to a page with the following: Census; Vital Statistics Information for Genealogy Research.

Info PEI - This brings you to an entirely different spot that includes Cemeteries; Family histories; Gravesites of the Fathers of Confederation; Historic Census Data; National History Monuments; Search Centres; and Ships Passenger Lists.

Newfoundland and Labrador

Provinvial Archives - Listing of information available and links to several other sites.