Driscoll/O'Driscoll Family Sites

Here is an opportunity for us all to learn more about the dispersion of the Driscoll name across Canada and elswhere. I have started by posting a link to my own family page but would like to encourage all other interested Driscoll/O'Driscoll descendents to come forward with their branch of the tree. If you would like to add your family site as a link, please contact us with the URL of your site. Make sure you tell us your name and in what country you are currently living so we can make this listing truly international.

We will review your site to ensure that all material is appropriate and then post a link to it. We cannot police all links all of the time, therefore we cannot accept responsibility for material posted. However, if anyone discovers any inappropriate material on any site(s) listed here, please contact us at the mail link above and we will remove the link immediately. Thank you.

Family Sites:


Bruce & Marilyn Driscoll - New Brunswick, Canada - Bruce's ancestors settled in the area around Windsor, Ellershouse, and Dartmouth, Nova Scotia where the Driscoll name is still common today. There is still a lot of work to do on the genealogy side of things but included is an interesting journal of their 2001 tour of Ireland.

Descendants and Ancestors of John George MacDonald and wife Catherine Agnes Driscoll. - Jennifer Hoeltzel Wylie's site is hosted through GenCircles. She currently has 1,371 individuals listed, 120 of them Driscolls.


The Hall/O'Driscoll Home Page- Claudia O'Driscoll's site is hosted by FamilyTreeMaker.com and has O'Driscoll ancestors dating from the middle of the 1800's. They emigrated to Canada from Ireland. Her other family lines settled in the United States where she lives today.

The Family Site of Patrick Daspit -Included here is a brief history of the Driscoll Clan and it's origins as well as the story and family tree of Florance Driscoll, who emigrated to America in about 1848. There is also a gallery of photographs of the Family of John Driscoll, Florance Driscoll's son and Patrick's great grandfather, who eventually settled in New Orleans, Louisiana. Also included is a collection of links to related sites about the history and genealogy of the Driscoll Clan and families as well as cultural items about Ireland and the Driscoll homeland in southern Ireland.


John O'Driscoll's Family Heritage & Driscolls in Australia. - John O'Driscoll's site has some very interesting information on the origin of our name plus other tidbits about the family O'Driscoll to go along with his genealogy material.