O'Driscoll Castles in Ireland

Dave Driscoll of the Driscolls of the United Kingdom has posted some information and pictures on a number of the castles built by the O'Driscolls of West County Cork. Check these out by entering here.

Then continue on below for some pictures of Dun na Sead castle located in the centre of Baltimore. We offer sincere thanks to everyone who has helped keep these websites up-to-date through the submission of pictures and information. We are particularly grateful to Dave Driscoll of the Driscolls of the United Kingdom and John O'Driscoll of the Driscolls of Australia for their continued interest in and support of our Canadian site. Drop in to their site and offer them a few words of encouragement as well. I'm sure they'd appreciate hearing from other "family" members.

You can also check out information posted on John's castle pages. There you will find some of John's pictures, some of Dave Driscoll's, and information cited from some of the sources listed on Dave Driscoll's site as well as other research John has undertaken.

Dun na Sead
O'Driscoll Family Castle in Downtown Baltimore

We would like to offer our sincere thanks to John O'Driscoll of the Driscolls of Australia for sharing pictures of the ongoing work on the Dun na Sead Castle in Baltimore taken during the 2002 O'Driscoll Clan Gathering. We will continue to follow the progress of the restoration attempts and capture them here whenever possible.

Outside the castle we can clearly see the scaffolding surrounding the structure during the ongoing restoration. However, having the roof on in time for the 2002 Clan Gathering was a real treat.

Inside, things are just as busy. Rafters are being replaced and the structure is slowly being resurrected to its former condition, with the addition of modern safety and construction know-how of course!