O'Driscoll Clan Chieftains

Served 2005-2007

David Driscoll

Dave Driscoll of England had the distinction and honour of being the first Clan Chieftain to be chosen “from away”. For those of us who have made frequent trips to the Annual Clan Gathering Dave is a very familiar face. A big fan of traditional music, Dave stumbled across the Clan Gathering in 1989 when he was touring Ireland looking for venues where he could take in the sounds of traditional Irish Seisun players when he found himself in Baltimore during the Annual O’Driscoll Clan Gathering and Midsummer Festival. He has returned every year since then, extending his stay as long as possible and returning to visit through the year whenever possible. From time to time he is joined by his grandchildren Sophie and Robert and their Grandmother Jacquie. During the 2005 Gathering Dave was joined by his son Oliver and his partner Katie from England.

Dave is a very staunch supporter of the O’Driscoll Clan worldwide and hopes we will extend the web ever wider as more and more of us make ourselves known and join in the Gathering each year. His first duty as Clan Chieftain was to announce that the O’Driscoll Clan has finally been officially registered with the Clans of Ireland thanks to the great efforts of himself and Marian Bushe of Baltimore. We tip our hats to the two of them for this accomplishment!

Dave coninues to encourage as many Clan members to participate in the O’Driscolls of Cork DNA project spearheaded by Colin Ferguson.