Driscoll Surname Results - British Columbia 1901 Census

The following names have been culled from the 1901 Census records for British Columbia at the automated genalogy.com site. In total I found 10 Driscoll surnames in the 1901 census of British Columbia. To the best of my ability, records were recorded exactly as they were on the census forms, errors and all. By clicking on the name of the person of interest, you will be taken to a page showing the record of the household for that person. The Driscoll name may show up as the main household name or as that of a lodger, servant or other category. On the family records themselves, occasionally there are notes identifying obvious errors. I hope this information provides some assistance in your research efforts.

Austin Driscoll Feb 11, 1872 John Driscoll Dec 24, 1859 Michael Driscoll Sep 6, 1870
Denis Driscoll Aug 16, 1836 John M. O'Driscoll Oct 30, 1872 Pearl Driscoll Jan 12, 1896
Irene Driscoll Mar 26, 1894 Mary Driscoll Oct 03, 1865 Rosa Driscoll Jul 22, 1870
Francis O'Driscoll Jan 15, 1851